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Bullshit myths about feminism.

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 20, 2014, 4:36 AM

I know, I know. Going all ideological on you guys is a little a-typical for me, and perhaps (I hope) I'm preaching to the choir. But I've been noticing a lot of negativeness around the word and (more importantly) the ideology of feminism, and a lot of that seems to be based on misinformation or misunderstanding. This might not be the best place to fix any of that, but I felt like chipping in anyway. It beats doing nothing, right?

So, here's some of my "favorite" bullshit myths:

Bullshit Myth: Feminists think girls are better than guys.

Feminism isn't Misandry! Feminists don't hate guys, or think women are better than guys. In fact, that idea is the other opposite of what it's really about : equality.
When extreme feminism turns into Misandry it stops being feminism, as they are fighting against the very thing feminism hopes to accomplish. (I believe these people a tiny minority but I won't deny it exists; there's nutcases on every team after all).
Guys are just as amazing as everyone else in the gender spectrum!

Bullshit Myth: Feminists only care about women.
Nope, I'm pretty confident that fair treatment in equal rights and plights benefits everyone. Sure, there's might be more to gain for the side which is behind in equality, but guys suffer from patriarchy just as much. Releasing women from gender stereotypes automatically also releases guys (and everyone else) from the same thing.

Bullshit Myth: Feminists believe that men and women are and work exactly the same.
"But, men and women aren't the same, so don't expect to be treated the same." I can't tell you how often I see this "argument" in the equal treatment discussion. And every time I see it I will facepalm.

Yes! Both in biology and behavior there’s differences. The thing is, nobody is saying there aren't or shouldn't be any! Of course there are differences, a wonderful diversity if you ask me! But that isn't at all relevant to this discussion. Feminism is about equal treatment, not  biological equality. We are all equally valuable as people, and should be treated as such. And yes, this concerns rights AND plights.

Bullshit Myth: Feminism has become redundant in the Western world.
We made a lot of progress in the past decades, aye. Nobody is denying that. But it's not that hard to see that there's still some work ahead of us. Just to name a few things that are still relevant to Western society: Look at the (narrowing but persistent) gender pay gap. Look at the sexual assault and domestic violence stats, and look at how these things are handled in society. And then there's the mess that is gender roles; why would a man feel emasculated for being a nurse?
Is Feminism obsolete? No, but it should be.

Bullshit Myth: Feminists blame men for all their problems.

Errr, no. It’s not that simple. If you insist on getting out the ‘blamethrower’ (although I think that it's generally unproductive) then you could perhaps point at individuals for creating or maintaining problematic rules and standards. And throughout history, yes, there’s a large chance that that person is a  guy (as men typically were the ones in positions to make such decisions). But nobody should blame those individuals because they are men, or blame all men because some men made bad policies.

Bullshit Myth: Feminists is by white women for white women.

I don't see how people get from the ideology of equal treatment for all genders, to "Feminism: it's a white women only party". It just doesn't make sense, not a single bit. People who bring up this argument seem to be more about antagonizing feminism for the sake of it, than anything else.

Bullshit Myth: Feminists are against femininity.

Why would we? I mean... seriously? How would getting rid of femininity benefit equal treatment? As I understand it, the idea is that everyone should be treated as equals no matter how masculine or feminine they are, not: everyone should be masculine to be treated equal. That's wrong on so many levels.

Bullshit Myth: Feminists who wear makeup (or shave their legs/armpits) are hypocrites.
Nonsense. There's a difference between disliking the social norm of being expected to wear makeup, and wearing make-up as a personal choice. The idea, is that it should be a choice of every person of their own, rather than a choice imposed upon us by society. Calling a feminists a hypocrite for wearing makeup is just as messed up as calling a woman unprofessional for -not- wearing makeup while performing her office job (yes, this happens).

I’m sure there’s plenty more bad myths out there, but these are the ones that I come across most often and find particularly ignorant. You’re welcome however, to share more bullshit myths surrounding feminism (and shoot them full of holes, ofc ;)).

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Hoi, bedankt voor je comment en de complimenten :D! Heel fijn om te horen dat je de covers voor Mirjam Gielen haar boeken mooi vind. 
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Keep up the good work iig :D. Ik kan duidelijk de vooruitgang in je werk zien als ik door je gallery scrolled. Met hard werken kom je er wel.
Tiallu-Illuwyd Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2014

I found your comic project via deviantArt this morning and read through all pages available. It's great! I'll keep my fingers crossed that the both of you will be able to publish it as a hardcover or paperback.
ElsaKroese Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014  Professional General Artist
Thank you so much.  We're working on publishing it in the future trough a kickstarter campaign, so that's a thing that will actually happen :D.
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You have great profile.
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